Let’s start the new year with a blog post about blogging itself (how meta), because nobody does that, I’m sure!

Sometimes I get asked why I spend time researching on a topic, writing about it and then take additional time reviewing, rewriting and trying to perfect each sentence to the best of my ability.

At the beginning, I think it was just a game. I wanted to try a new blogging platform called “WordPress” and started playing with that, writing articles that nobody in the world would ever read, because they were on my local machine.

Years went on and English became pervasive in my life. I began watching movies in English, reading books in English and listening to podcasts in English. English was everywhere. 1

I wasn’t any good at it, though, and I needed an excuse to hone my writing skills. This is the fourth iteration of my own “personal blog” and I knew right from the get-go that I would have to lay down rules in order to make it successful and useful. And to make it last more than a few months.

The first rule is to set a strict calendar. I try to bake one new fresh post a month, nothing more, (because I don’t have time or mental energy), and nothing less. Let’s keep a steady rhythm. Less frequent posts mean that I tend to make them longer than necessary 2. Starting this year I will also try to observe an exact publishing schedule in which each post appears the first Wednesday of every month.

I noticed that I often participate in discussions without a solid understanding of the topics at hand. By sitting in front of a blank screen in a quiet place for a few hours, I’m able to unravel my thoughts and form an opinion I feel I can stand on and defend without laughing.

Will this blog make me a better writer? Will it make me a better speaker? You’ll be the judge of that.

  1. To the point that even though I’m Italian, the default language on all my computers is English, my keyboard layout is Colemak (a QWERTY/US variant) and I also happen to scribble notes in English from time to time. English is so ingrained in my brain that sometimes I have trouble to express my thoughts in Italian. 

  2. I’m looking into alternative forms of publishing to strike a middle ground between the endless papier and microblogging and I’m toying with the idea of starting a podcast.