Lorenzo Villani

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Windows 10 Pro Review

Feb 14, 2018

This is Windows 10 Pro, immediately after installation:

Windows 10 Pro after installation

Notice anything weird?


Here, let me enhance the image for you:

Windows 10 Pro ads

See all those red rectangles? Those are ads for third party products. What about the yellow ones instead? Those are ads for Microsoft’s own products.

Windows 10 Pro has a retail price, in Italy, of 259€. That would be around 320$ with today’s exchange rates.

Ads. In a product that costs 259€. Not to mention the constant nagging to install Office, use Edge, switch to OneDrive, or to try Cortana.

Get. Out. Of. My. Way.

For this reason alone, I consider Windows 10 Pro rubbish. I will never touch it again willingly.

At least Apple, for all its faults, still doesn’t disrespect me so much to sell me an expensive laptop full of ads. I guess I know where my money is going for the foreseeable future.