Best Practices


To change the rendering mode of an UIImage (i.e.: from standard to template), you have to change it by opening the “Attributes Inspector” of the image from the “Images.xcassets” bundle. No need to change it from code.

Bugs and Workarounds

Continuity and Handoff

  1. Make all your devices are on the same WiFi network;
  2. Sign-out of iCloud on all devices;
  3. Reboot all devices;
  4. Sign-in to iCloud on all devices;

Text Message Forwarding

When Text Message Forwarding stops working and you can’t see the confirmation code:

  1. On iOS: Go to Settings -> Messages then turn off iMessage then turn it on again;
  2. On OS X: Open Messages -> Settings -> Account, then sign-out from your iMessage account, then sign-in again. After sign-in make sure to tick the checkbox near the phone number in the “You can be reached for messages at”;
  3. On iOS Go to Settings -> Messages -> Text Message Forwarding and enable your devices.

At this point you should be able to see the confirmation code.